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The The Education Support Partnership Positive Workplace Survey is designed to highlight the organisational factors that affect the wellbeing of all staff. The survey is the starting point for the Education Support Partnership Positive Workplace Programme, which is broadly equivalent to the Health and Safety Executive's Stress Management Standards approach. This is your chance to have a say.

Please remember that the Education Support Partnership Positive Workplace Survey is a confidential and entirely anonymous. Responses cannot be attributed to specific individuals.

Completing the Survey
You must set up your computer to run JavaScript and to allow cookies for the Survey to work. Read more about the use of cookies on this site. See the Education Support Partnership website for more information.

  • The Survey is arranged into sections. You are invited to agree or disagree with each statement - just click on your choice. Please try to give a rating for all the statements.
  • Navigate through the Survey using the Next Section and Previous Section buttons at the bottom of the screen. Do not use the 'Back' button on your browser.
  • For more information about what each section covers, click on the link in the Help box at the bottom left of the screen.
  • You can change the rating that you give for any statement, but try not to spend too much time worrying - the main thing is to be honest and fair in your judgements.
  • The Development Priorities section invites you to choose and rank up to three areas in which you would like to see your organisation develop. Look through all 14 statements carefully and then choose your top priority, second and third priority. Everyone's recommendations will be added together.
  • You are then asked to give us some basic information about yourself. The details from this section will not be included in the report where organisations or sub-groups have fewer than eight employees.
  • The confidentiality of your answers is guaranteed. The system does not allow individuals to be identified - it's about your workplace as a whole. We hope therefore that you will answer all the questions in the final section of the survey.

Click on 'Exit' when you have finished and follow the instructions that appear, otherwise your answers might not be collected.

The Positive Workplace Survey is an enhancement of the Well-Being Survey, with which it is still fundamentally compatible. The survey is also a key element of the new Positive Workplace Award, which recognises and celebrates schools who are striving to create thriving workplaces. Learn more at

If you have any difficulty, contact your Well-Being Consultant, call Education Support Partnership on 0845 873 5680 or e-mail us.

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